The Sexual Violence Justice Institute (MNCASA) is hosting a webinar April 22nd at 12pm CT–Protocol Development: Applying Research to Practice. From the announcement:

At some point, most SART teams write a response protocol. How do teams create and write effective protocols? This webinar will explore how teams can use research to influence practice when designing and writing protocols. For example, we know anecdotally and through research that offenders prey on or target victims who are less likely to be believed. If all responders applied this research, they would expect a victim to be someone with less power. Protocols would be written that address and reflect the circumstances of those victims with high levels of vulnerability and perceived low levels of credibility. How do team leaders help their teams design protocols that create the conditions for more victims to experience justice and healing? We will explore this topic and look at options that may make a difference in victims’ likelihood of accessing and reporting th the criminal justice system. Discussion will include ways that teams might influence public policy.


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