I’m hanging out at the Army JAG school for a few days, teaching and waiting to hear if I will actually be on the road 2 days or 2 weeks (I could get excited about either, but I’m definitely feeling the pull of being home with my spouse). I could be headed to Hawaii at […]

An unexpected week at home means serious immersion into curriculum writing and some work for the military. There really is nothing so amazing as finding out that your week of travel is now being covered by someone else (although I am missing the opportunity to cross off my 50th state by staying home). Knowing I’d […]

A reader sent me a question asking if I had anything concise and, more importantly, free on asphyxia versus the narrower topic of strangulation. Turns out I do. Medscape published an article on this very subject: Pathology of Asphyxial Death. Even if you’re not interested in the death investigation aspect of the article, there’s still […]

Greetings from sunny Naples, FL, where I have been immersed in family for the weekend. A couple pieces of business for this Monday. First, congratulations to Deb O’Hay who is the winner of our latest giveaway! Deb, please contact me with your address so we can get your book to you. Second, although I have […]

Medscape has a free (very) concise overview on Drugs of Abuse for clinicians that’s worth perusing. It’s in no way comprehensive, but it is a good way to familiarize yourself with some of the newer drugs you may be seeing in your practice, such as Molly and bath salts. Medscape requires registration to access the […]

I had a comment by a reader recently regarding trauma-informed care and kids, in which she mentioned that trauma and trauma-informed care isn’t just limited to abuse and violence. Agreed, and in light of that comment, I figured I’d present a CE offering (for nurses) that looks at the issues in broader terms–this one from […]

Time for this month’s Articles of Note, where we give you some of the latest published research from the peer reviewed journals. As always this is not an exhaustive list, just some of the eye catching stuff. For those of you working with the elder population, this is an especially good month for you.

Mark your calendar: the inaugural Forensic Journal Club is coming up 12 February. Find all the information you need to participate┬áhere. Clearly, I needed the weekend to recover, which is exactly what I did. Surrounded myself with loved ones (and my pup) and played down in Charlottesville with good friends. I held a few new […]

I am a bit late on getting an Articles of Note post up, but hopefully what I lack in timeliness I make up for in volume. There’s some really interesting research to be found in the current journals, so I encourage you to peruse the list and see what looks relevant to your practice. Not […]

Our next valued resource offered up by an FHO reader comes from our colleague Michelle Ortiz, who runs the SANE program at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Here’s what Michelle tells me about a resource they developed, the bruise color bars:

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