I’m always harping on the importance of social media as a tool for the work we do, so I’m thrilled that Safe States and the CDC are collaborating on an upcoming webinar series that addresses just that. Why Social Media for Injury and Violence Prevention (IVP) kicks off the series September 17th from 1-2pm ET. Click […]

Time once again for Articles of Note, my list of the things that have caught my attention in the latest round of peer-reviewed journals. This month has quite a lot to explore, but as always, this list isn’t comprehensive (and it’s subject to my specific interests). The majority of links take you to the PubMed […]

OJJDP just released a new resource: Recognizing When a Child’s Injury or Illness Is Caused by Abuse (PDF). It’s written for law enforcement, so this is really more of a SART or MDT resource, than a clinical text. I was happy to see it addresses issues like aging bruises based on color (you can’t), and provides some good overview information […]

The Tribal Forensic Healthcare project is hosting a new webinar, Straddle Injury vs. Sexual Abuse: Managing Traumatic Genital Injury in Children. The session will be held July 22nd from 3-4:30 pm ET. Jennifer Pierce-Weeks will be the featured speaker. 1.5 CEUs are available for nurses. Click through for details:

We’ve been talking this week about testimony and about research, so let’s end the week with the interface of the two. Our selection for this week’s Full-Text Friday is an oldy, and perhaps not really that much of a goody. The reason I include it then? Because it exists in the peer-reviewed literature, and as […]

So I feel like I say this every month, but holy hell there’s some *awesome* stuff in the literature this month. How can you not get excited by some of the articles being published right now? (Don’t roll your eyes at me, people, I can totally see you.) Even the stuff that’s not 100% relevant […]

Well, my friends, I am heading out the door bright and early tomorrow for a week of work in the Pacific. I will be putting in some guaranteed long hours so posts next week may be spotty. Please note that if you send me requests or questions I may be a bit delayed in responding, […]

I’m hanging out at the Army JAG school for a few days, teaching and waiting to hear if I will actually be on the road 2 days or 2 weeks (I could get excited about either, but I’m definitely feeling the pull of being home with my spouse). I could be headed to Hawaii at […]

An unexpected week at home means serious immersion into curriculum writing and some work for the military. There really is nothing so amazing as finding out that your week of travel is now being covered by someone else (although I am missing the opportunity to cross off my 50th state by staying home). Knowing I’d […]

A reader sent me a question asking if I had anything concise and, more importantly, free on asphyxia versus the narrower topic of strangulation. Turns out I do. Medscape published an article on this very subject: Pathology of Asphyxial Death. Even if you’re not interested in the death investigation aspect of the article, there’s still […]

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