The Tribal Forensic Healthcare project has 2 webinars coming up in February, both sexual assault case reviews. The pediatric one, Who Said What?!? Utilizing Case Presentations to Improve Pediatric Forensic Medical Evaluations, will be held February 3rd from 2-3:30pm ET. The adult session, Sexual Assault Examiner: Adult Case Review, will be held February 16th from 2-3:30pm ET. […]

I took a snow day yesterday, along with almost everyone else in the DC metro area. The government is still shut down today and cars are littering the roads around my neighborhood (although it stopped snowing Saturday night, as of this posting, I still haven’t seen a plow on my street). Technically, today is a […]

I know, I know–these are Monday posts, and it is distinctly not Monday. Apologies, but I spent my weekend motoring to the finish line to complete the draft of a paper for a project that has consumed my life as of late. I turned it in yesterday, so I am just starting to dig out […]

I usually post links to popular media on Mondays, but this one is so compelling (and intersects with a few different areas of my professional life) I thought it was worth its own mention. If you haven’t read the article To Catch a Rapist yet (it will be in print in this Sunday’s NY Times Magazine), I’d […]

Thanks to everyone who entered last week’s giveaway. The randomizer has spoken, and #15 was chosen: Tracie Bourque, congratulations! I just need an email with your address and we’ll get your copy of the Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing out to you. If your name wasn’t drawn, there’s a small consolation: Wolters Kluwer Health is generously offering FHO readers 20% […]

Did anyone else watch The Hunting Ground last night on CNN? I had my twitter feed open while we watched, which was at time horrifying (nothing brings out the worst in the twittersphere like the intersection of football and rape reports) and at times deeply comforting, as I saw friends, real and virtual, popping up from […]

Time once again for Articles of Note, my walk through the recent peer-reviewed literature. While not exhaustive, it’s an overview of the articles that have been published in the last 4-6 weeks that seem most relevant to my practice (the operative words being my practice). FHO readership has grown *so much* in just the last 6 […]

This week is the IAFN annual conference, and once again, it’s an opportunity to network and collaborate with some of the best and the brightest in the field. It’s a week I love, and sometimes love to hate, because with the deeply satisfying moments come the inevitable, frustrating ones where I witness acts of great […]

My best friend was in town this weekend, so it was a non-stop food fest, and a chance to play tourist in my own city. I was back online last night, though, after a day working on a rather chewy writing project for a 3-letter government agency. Here’s what caught my eye since last we […]

The Midwest Regional CAC has a multidisciplinary webinar coming up: Medical Care of Child Sex Abuse Victims. The session will be held October 22nd at 1pm CT. This offering comes with 2 hours of CMEs (also POST credits and social work, but astonishingly, no nursing credits). Click through for details, as well as information on […]

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