Well, folks–week 2 of my San Antonio adventure begins. And as much as I like this city (and the lodging on post, which is nicer than a lot of other places), I am ready to sleep in my own bed again. Alas, not till Friday. Happily I had some down time over the weekend, exploring […]

My dear friend Val sent me this article and I thought it was such a fantastic read, I figured it would be of interest to FHO’s readers, as well. Enjoy a look at (or a listen to–there’s corresponding audio) this unique partnership between medical and law enforcement. And while we’re at it–can we talk about […]

I am late in getting this posted–usually I have these ready to go 1st thing in the morning¬†or even the night before. But my day got away from me, and then I had the opportunity to spend the evening dining with most cherished friends, so apologies to those of you who went searching for this […]

Time once again for Articles of Note, my monthly stroll through the peer-reviewed literature. As always, this isn’t an exhaustive list of must-reads, just the ones that I find to be particularly relevant. Click through for the full list:

For your viewing pleasure: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talks about childhood trauma and its impact on health…There’s a lot to talk about here.  

Sorry for the absence at the end of last week–the combination of making my way home from Anchorage and finally succumbing to the crud that’s been going around for weeks put me down for the count. But I’m back on my feet, to some extent, and the incredible cold this weekend had me happily hanging […]

I’m in Alaska this week, hanging out with some of my favorite people. As you know, I don’t work on planes (although I’m seriously productive in airport clubs), which left me plenty of time to read over this past week (if you’re playing along at home I was DCA-CLT-SAT-CLT-MGM-CLT-DCA-IAD-DEN-ANC over the past 7 days). That’s […]

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers has an interesting webinar coming up with Dr. Carole Jenny: Medical Child Abuse and Medical Neglect–A Spectrum of Parent Behavior. The session will be held February 26th from 1-3pm CT. CMEs are available for physicians. Space is limited so register in advance (all webinars are archived, as well).¬†Click through for […]

Apologies for missing December’s edition (along with just about everything else in December), but we’re back with a packed Articles of Note for this month. Some of you probably roll your eyes when I get all geeked out about what’s in the literature, but seriously…there’s some good stuff here (I know–I say this every time). […]

The pediatric offering from the Tribal Forensic Healthcare project this month is a pediatric sexual assault case review, led by Kim Nash. It will be held Monday, January 26th from 3-4:30pm ET. As with all of the webinars from this project, 1.5 CEUs are available.

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