Well, as of this posting I am [hopefully] making my way back to DC. Turns out a fantastic day of training with the Kansas Coalition is offset by multiple cancelled flights, so getting home is somewhat trickier than planned. No matter–these things happen, and there’s great dinner conversation (and wine) to ease the pain of […]

Man, am I tardy on this. Finally–once again here’s this (and last) month’s Articles of Note, a look at what has caught my eye from the recently published, peer-reviewed literature. There’s a lot of good stuff in this round up, so I would encourage you to peruse the abstracts. Keep in mind this isn’t a […]

I’m getting ready to head to Kansas City for the Forensic Investigations Conference–if you’re going to be there please come by and say hello. It was a pretty lovely weekend in our household, but by Sunday I was putting all of my people on planes, so last night I spent the evening dividing my time […]

I have had a lot of emails asking if I will be at the EVAW Conference this week in Seattle–many good friends are out there, but I will not be. I am heading to Indianapolis on Wednesday to teach some of the advanced SANE sessions at the INCASA Conference,  so I am looking forward to seeing […]

Many articles, tweets and Facebook posts have focused on this article, but it still seems important enough to highlight for this week’s full-text offering. So click through to read more about our featured article:

Lots of reading this weekend, so it’s a good list. But before I put it up, a quick reminder (again), since I got a nastygram from a reader who disliked one of the articles I posted last week: just because I read it doesn’t mean I agree with it. Everything on this site, be it […]

VAWNet has an updated collection now available: Violence in the Lives of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Medical folks, we generally get very little training on this issue, so it is absolutely worth your while to peruse the collection and consider what materials you may be able to use for future capacity-building.

April is both Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month: two issues central to many of our practices, both of which can take a serious toll on clinicians. It seems like compassion fatigue (and its sisters, vicarious trauma and burnout) don’t get nearly enough attention in our professional circles. But really, they should–a […]

I’m hustling today, big time. The weekend was a busy one, with my kiddo heading back to school and deadlines closing in. So a short list for you today, but still interesting. Here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

First day back in the office, so I’ll be running around madly. But if you have some down time, I highly recommend checking out this NPR interview with former president Jimmy Carter on his call to action against the subjugation of women. I’m listening now, as I gear up for my day. (H/t JPW).

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