You may have noticed I took some time away from the site last week. I don’t usually disappear like that, but looming deadlines coupled with some time away to celebrate my dad’s accomplishments in the 216 meant that this site got a bit neglected. Frankly I needed the space, so it was good to have […]

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, your monthly guide to what’s new in the peer-reviewed literature. Keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list, just what’s caught my attention and feels particularly relevant (at least to the work I do). As always, there’s so much more out there, so spend some time […]

I’m at Maxwell AFB today for a quick lecture before heading back to DC. It was a reserve weekend for Sasha, which meant a work weekend for me (when I wasn’t traveling), so not much in the way of downtime. But when I was in need of some distraction, the interwebs provided plenty of fodder. […]

The National Children’s Advocacy Center has an upcoming webinar, Memories Hold Hands: Understanding Historical Trauma and Unresolved Historical Grief in American Indian/Alaska Native Communities. The session will take place September 17th, but it is full. I’m posting this because it will be archived, and the topic is both important and rarely offered–a combination making it […]

The American Nurses Association has a new position statement available on incivility, bullying and workplace violence (PDF). Presented without commentary. Because that’s another post entirely, isn’t it?

I’m taking the holiday off (it’s Labor Day in the US), so no Since Last We Spoke this week. Instead I leave you with a new publication from the Population Reference Bureau, Intimate Partner Violence and Family Planning: Opportunities for Action (PDF). This is one of those publications that’s as rich for its references as its text (many […]

The Federal Partners Committee on Women and Trauma is hosting a two-day national event, Building a Trauma Informed Nation: Moving the Conversation into Action on September 29th and 30th. While the event will take place live in Washington DC (at the US Department of Labor’s Cesar Chavez Auditorium if you are interested in attending), it […]

I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that it’s the last day of August, and save for a quick jaunt to Miami with my spouse coming up, this year really has been non-stop. That’s not really like us. Travel has always been important, but this year has made it tough to schedule, what with our […]

IAFN has a new online course available for CE, Surviving the Streets: Experiences of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex. 1.0 ANCC contact hours are available, and the cost is $15 for members, $30, non-members. Click through for all the details (including the meaning of the acronyms, because I know some of you […]

After a terrific course in San Antonio last week it’s good to get back to the office and get my in-box in order, attempt to get a handle on new projects, and geek out on data waiting for review. It was an unusually social weekend for me (once I made it back from Texas, that […]

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