April is both Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month: two issues central to many of our practices, both of which can take a serious toll on clinicians. It seems like compassion fatigue (and its sisters, vicarious trauma and burnout) don’t get nearly enough attention in our professional circles. But really, they should–a […]

I’m hustling today, big time. The weekend was a busy one, with my kiddo heading back to school and deadlines closing in. So a short list for you today, but still interesting. Here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

First day back in the office, so I’ll be running around madly. But if you have some down time, I highly recommend checking out this NPR interview with former president Jimmy Carter on his call to action against the subjugation of women. I’m listening now, as I gear up for my day. (H/t JPW).

Time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly round up of what’s new and notable in the peer-reviewed literature. There’s some really practice-specific research in here this time around, especially for those of you with sexual assault practices. As always this is neither exhaustive nor definitive, just what’s caught my eye in the last […]

Greetings from beautiful Eagle, CO! This is truly my happy place and I feel very fortunate that I get to spend time so much time here with my whole family in celebration of my dad’s 70th (except sadly my spouse, who headed back to work today–you’ll find her teaching here the next couple days, for […]

The folks at FORGE have an upcoming webinar you should absolutely plan on attending: Forensic Exams with Transgender Sexual Assault Survivors. It will be held April 10th from 2-3:30pm CT. Our friend Kim Day, and Eric Stiles from NSVRC will be the guest presenters. More about the session after the jump:

Sorry to have been absent so much last week–the one-two punch of a difficult trial and an epic migraine made the latter half of last week challenging (I have a string of four-letter expletives that’s probably more accurate and descriptive, but we’ll stick with challenging for now). However, my kid is in town and we […]

The Children’s Safety Network is hosting a webinar March 20th from 2-3:30 pm MT, Recognizing and Responding to Trauma: The ACE Study and Trauma-Informed Care. The session is part of their 2014 webinar series, Improving the Mental and Emotional Well-Being of Communities Through the National Prevention Strategy.

I’m in court this week AND trying to finish off a brand new curriculum (a project I can’t wait to talk more about–just not yet), so it was a busy weekend prepping and writing. There were a few things, though, that caught my eye in moments of downtime. So here’s what I’ve been reading since […]

I love FHO readers–the emails I received about last week’s choice were comical to say the least. If only I could get you to share them with one another [sigh]. I taught for the Army this week, and amidst some fantastic questions was the issue of bruising. Made me realize it was high time for […]

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