Several folks have posted this video from the UK on the neurobiology of trauma that I thought would be of interest to FHO readers. While there are a few things in it that differ from how we discuss the issues in the US, overall, it’s a well-done video that could be useful as a teaching […]

August is such an odd month, full of transition. Getting the kid back to school, thinking about my own transition as I begin wrapping up this gig (what’s next? being my very favorite question, and a seriously legit one for me right now), making some decisions about how and where I want to spend my […]

NSVRC posted this brief video from Discovery Digital (via GLAAD) on their Facebook page today about sex and gender terms. It’s a fantastic teaching tool for helping clinicians understand the distinction among some terms that are often misunderstood, or simply not widely recognized within our professional circles. (Although it definitely wasn’t created for a clinical audience; it’s just […]

{Have you had a chance to take the TB dye poll yet? Help us collect some data about current practice. It’ll take just a few seconds to respond. Thanks!}   Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but the implications are fascinating. I can’t help but think how it could impact our own forensic patient population, […]

It was quite the festive weekend for us, as you might imagine. And although the weather wasn’t wholly conducive to the mood, yesterday was cool and sunny and perfect for celebrating with family and friends. I couldn’t keep myself off the Interwebs, though, what with all of the coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision and the resulting reactions […]

It wasn’t my intention that this week’s posts would all end up being reading posts, but so far that’s just how it’s unfolding. I ran across this blog post during a bit of insomnia, however, and couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it was. 

Not much of a weekend on my end of things, I have to tell you. The flight back from Minneapolis put me home with just enough time to get really sick (!), unpack, do laundry, re-pack, and head to San Antonio where we’re teaching a new curriculum this week. The days will be long, so I […]

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was pretty mellow–got to see my spouse for about a minute before she jetted off to Seattle, puttered around my garden, sadly didn’t have any time with my kiddo this time around. I did spend a lot of time Sunday morning combing through the Times, catching […]

If, like me, you weren’t able to make it to the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence, Futures Without Violence recently posted the Top 10 Moments on their blog. It’s replete with slide deck and video links (including the full presentation of the social determinants of health plenary and VP Biden’s remarks). Check out their Youtube channel […]


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You know I love this RSA Short featuring Brene Brown’s piece on empathy (I use it in a lot of different things I teach), so I was thrilled to see their new piece featuring Brene Brown on blame. I don’t know if it was meant to be, but I think it’s a great {brief} lesson on one […]

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