Another week that looks like it could go off the rails at any moment–it will be pretty much hour-by-hour at least through Thursday, and I’ve been prepping since this weekend, so today’s reading list is a bit light. Also, lately I find myself reading a lot less violence-centric things, more things that energize and inspire […]

Bear with me, FHO readers, because these next couple weeks are rather hectic, so I will do what I can to keep things regular here on the site. An editing meeting for a project today, and then a brand new course starting Tuesday (a 3-day workshop on honing presentation skills) mean this week is pretty full. […]

A whole week at home is what I have to look forward to this week, so I am taking advantage of every minute while I’m here. Lots of home cooked meals, long runs with the dog, and some entertaining at the house for me. Oh, and lots of work. The projects don’t seem to be […]

“Our role as health professionals is not just to treat our patients but to sound the alarm and advocate for change.”  

After a great week in Germany, it’s nice to be home, if only for a minute. I head to FLETC tomorrow, though thankfully just overnight. I confess I have been a bit remiss in staying current with my social media sites, but I did manage to take a peak or two since I’ve gotten back. […]

Conversational Competency

February 18, 2016 | 1 Comment

I loved this TED talk–conversation really is an art. A quote I love so much: “”Most of us don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to reply.” It’s all so good. Whether it’s teaching, mentoring, interviewing potential team members, or just going about the every day activities of your daily […]

OVC has a new public awareness video series available, Faces of Human Trafficking. It’s a series “intended to be used for outreach and education efforts of service providers, law enforcement, prosecutors, and others in the community. The series includes information about sex and labor trafficking, multidisciplinary approaches to serving victim’s of human trafficking, effective victim […]

It’s been a long week, right? How could I possibly resist? The Truth About Hymens And Sex "The Truth About Hymens And Sex" – Watch Adam Ruins Everything Tuesdays at 10pm, on truTV! Posted by CollegeHumor on Monday, December 7, 2015 {H/t Kim Nash}

Another Monday post, another weekend spent reading about a senseless mass shooting in this country. It’s beyond appalling, and when it targets a women’s health clinic it feels all the more personal. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said here in countless other posts; what was an otherwise lovely and peaceful […]

Happy Forensic Nurses Week to all of us! It feels like a particularly busy one, what with multiple deadlines looming. I’d love to hear how folks are commemorating the week, though–especially if there are some creative celebrations in the works. Don’t have anything planned yet? There’s still time–IAFN has a planning guide (PDF) to help you […]

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