Alternate Light Sources: Part II (Identifying Bruising)

The research in this section looks at the use of alternate light sources to identify and enhance the visibility of bruising. This includes using it to identify subclinical bruising. It’s important to note, the research is still pretty thin for using ALS for identifying subclinical bruising, so from an evidence-based standpoint you may be out in the weeds if you are using this tool for such purposes. However, because people seem to be particularly fascinated with the technique (and alarmingly, it’s being taught in some parts of the country as a best practice) I have done a round up of the existing science. Remember: just because an article is published in a peer-reviewed journal doesn’t mean it’s quality research or generalizable to a broader population. Read all research critically. And perhaps familiarize yourself with some key research terms, like sensitivity and specificity, because this is what is at issue with the current state of this science.