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Clinical Guide: Social Media Use for Forensic Clinicians

So I recently received a comment that my concern about forensic nurses' social media use is "overblown", which I confess, made me giggle. It's not, of course, and my own experiences doing this work have only made it clearer as social…

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Articles of Note, June 2017 Edition

Time once again for Articles of Note, our (mostly) monthly frolic through the peer reviewed literature. Lots of stuff for our peds practitioners this go round. A few full-text options available, as well, so keep your eyes open for those.…

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This Forensic Nurses Week, Ask Yourself: How Do We Do Better?

This week, because it's Forensic Nurses Week, I'd like to talk about how we can keep getting better. First up: one way to generally improve our value to patients and the justice system simultaneously. There's a lot to really celebrate…

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Strive for Better Documentation

Because it's Forensic Nurses Week, we're focusing on ways to improve practice. Today, let's talk about documentation. Want to know my one wish for better medical-forensic documentation? Three words: review of systems (ROS). Seriously--hear me out on this. In order…

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Be Better: Implement a Quality Improvement Process

This Forensic Nurses Week, we're talking about ways to make our practices better. The last couple days have focused on individual performance. Today, let's talk about program performance... The expert at trial should never be the first person to review…

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Developing a SANE Program in Rural Communities

OVC TTAC has a webinar coming up next month as part of the SANE Program Development and Operation Web Training Series, Developing a SANE Program in Rural Communities. The session will be held September 29th at 2pm ET. As with most…

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Since Last We Spoke, 8-21-17

Well, much as a nasty bout of vertigo attempted to derail my travel plans, I'm currently sitting at DCA, awaiting my flight to Providence, RI, where I'll pick up a car and head to Newport. One of my favorite places…

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Respect Effect: A New Tool for Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Let's highlight some prevention today, since we spend so much time on response. That's Not Cool, in conjunction with Break the Cycle, has an upcoming webinar, Respect Effect: A New Tool for Teen Dating Violence Prevention. The session will be…

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Organizational-Level Response and Planning for Staff Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma

Office for Victims of Crime has an upcoming webinar, Organizational-Level Response and Planning for Staff Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma. The session will be held August 23rd at 2pm ET. From the site: It takes courage to help child and adult victims of…

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Trafficking in Native Communities

Late notice, so apologies, but hopefully, this will be archived: the National Latin@ Network has a webinar coming up on August 17th, Trafficking in Native Communities. The session will be held from 12:30-2pm CT. From the site: This webinar will address…

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