I have had a lot of requests for updates on how I travel and what gets me through the long hours on the road, so I thought that as I wait to board my plane back to the US I’d give it some thought. Here’s my current list:

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Welcome to all of the new subscribers coming to FHO from the IAFN conference! A quick reminder: please look for the Feedburner email to verify the email address you used to subscribe to this site. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. You need to verify your address before you will get daily updates.

OVC TTAC has launched a brand new e-Guide on human trafficking. According to the announcement it “provides practical information on the creation and day-to-day operations of human trafficking task forces, as well as essential knowledge needed to identify and assist victims effectively and to investigate and prosecute cases of human trafficking.” OVC has also launched a mobile-friendly human trafficking site that has more general information, including funding info, technical assistance providers, and more.

The National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative is hosting a webinar, Expanding the Forensic Narrative: Engaging Surviving Family Members in the DV Fatality Review Process. The session will be held November 18th from 10-11:30 PST. Click through for a description of the event:

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How fantastic was this year’s IAFN conference? I’ve been going to it for I don’t know how many years, and I truly don’t recall a better one. Kudos to the IAFN staff, Board and planning committee for making it such a great one. I loved meeting so many of you, and I was blown away by how many folks are regular readers, so thanks for supporting our nerdy little site.

By the time you read this, I will be in Italy for a court martial. Sunday was spent crossing the country, kissing my wife goodbye at Dulles and then hopping a flight to Venice via London. I’ll be here all week, so it’s possible posts will be light this week, too. I promise to get back to regular posts next week. Honest. In the meantime, here’s some of what’s caught my attention since last we spoke:

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Just a heads up: all of my session handouts will be posted under the Handouts tab on this site the day of the presentation. I generally leave them up for 30(ish) days. And a quick shout out to the unbelievable crowd at our Pretrial Hearings session yesterday. You guys were fantastic to talk to! Hope to see more of you all in the days to come.

I’m heading to Phoenix for the IAFN annual conference. I’m hoping to catch up with a good many of you this year: I’ll be at both the IAFN “Lucy” booth and the NSVRC table talking about the new SANE Sustainability app (have you downloaded it yet?). Please stop by and say hello; you know how I love to meet FHO readers. If you can’t make it (sad panda face), follow along at #4N6RN. And if you are there, consider tweeting about some of your sessions with the designated hashtag so your colleagues who are staying home to cover the call schedule don’t miss out completely!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.26.55 AMI am so excited to announce that the {free} SANE Sustainability app for iPhone and iPad is now available! This is a joint project of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and IAFN, and the culmination of almost a decade’s worth of work. I really hope people will find it a helpful tool for managing SANE programs, with a wide variety of information focusing on issues like recruitment and retention, leadership, program expansion and more. I have a blog post on the NSVRC sustainability site introducing the app and its various components, so I encourage you to check it out. Click through for details on how to download the app (and how to obtain {most} of the information if you’re not an iPhone or iPad user):

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NIJ and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government are hosting a webinar, Taking on the Challenge of Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits. The session will be held October 31st from 11am-12:30pm (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii). Click through for details:

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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.58.19 PMA couple weeks ago I posted about the recently released report, Connecting the Dots. It looks like the CDC and Prevention Institute will be hosting a related Twitter Q&A, Links Among Forms of Violence. The chat will take place November 4th from 2-3pm ET, using #ViolenceLinks. Looking forward to the conversation.

(h/t VAWnet)