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#100ForensicRNs (Leadership Training and Lobby Day)

I don't typically post live events on my site, but I will certainly promote the 2017 Leadership and Lobby Days, what with the current political climate and all (and also, full disclosure, I helped plan this event). I'm particularly excited…

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This Forensic Nurses Week, Ask Yourself: How Do We Do Better?

This week, because it's Forensic Nurses Week, I'd like to talk about how we can keep getting better. First up: one way to generally improve our value to patients and the justice system simultaneously. There's a lot to really celebrate…

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Strive for Better Documentation

Because it's Forensic Nurses Week, we're focusing on ways to improve practice. Today, let's talk about documentation. Want to know my one wish for better medical-forensic documentation? Three words: review of systems (ROS). Seriously--hear me out on this. In order…

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Be Better: Implement a Quality Improvement Process

This Forensic Nurses Week, we're talking about ways to make our practices better. The last couple days have focused on individual performance. Today, let's talk about program performance... The expert at trial should never be the first person to review…

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This Forensic Nurses Week, A Look Ahead

To wrap up Forensic Nurses Week, let's talk about what the future holds for the profession... We're at this point in our profession where we can really enumerate some incredible collective accomplishments, including multiple national protocols, a significant body of research,…

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Historical Trauma: The Beginning of a Conversation

I debated the best way to approach this post, as I knew there were several points to include, but no clear path for laying it all out. Perhaps it begins with the occasions in which people have asked me why we should…

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New Research Translation on Sexual Identity and Health-Related Behaviors of High School Students

NSVRC has a new research translation available (PDF) that summarizes a CDC study on sexual identity and health-related behaviors of high school students. The report found that students who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual face significant health disparities. This is a critical…

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Since Last We Spoke, 2-20-17

I have to tell you, it's been a glorious weekend here in the 703. We took the pup down to Shenandoah for his 1st big hike and the car read 73 degrees when we were heading home. Unbelievable. Today is…

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Child Interviewing 2017: Update on Research and Practice

For those of you peds folks with an interest in the state of the science around forensic interviewing, Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center has a webinar coming up, Child Interviewing 2017: Update on Research and Practice. The session will be…

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STD Risk and Oral Sex

A reader recently asked about the risk of STDs in cases where the patient reported only oral penetration. She wanted to know what the recommendations were around counseling patients, and which infections, in particular, were concerning. The CDC actually has…

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