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Articles of Note: July 2019 Edition

It's time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the peer-reviewed literature. This month there's quite a bit that's freely downloadable, so look for the FREE FULL TEXT notations for immediate gratification. Otherwise, links lead to PubMed…

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Applying the Strangulation Research To Expert Testimony

It's here, folks: Applying the Strangulation Research to Expert Testimony is now available for purchase in the store. A couple of things I'd like to mention--first of all it's more expensive than the previous ones ($9.99) because it's almost three…

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Updated Clinical Guide: Toluidine Blue Dye

Our 2nd update for the week is now available: the updated clinical guide on the use of toluidine blue dye in the examination of sexual assault patients. New research articles, new books, and links to the National Protocols all can…

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Updated Clinical Guide: Social Media Use for Forensic Clinicians

In our course last week we naturally discussed social media use (as we do), and it made me realize that it is high time I went through the clinical guides and gave them all a facelift. So one by one,…

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Strive for Better Documentation

Because it's Forensic Nurses Week, we're focusing on ways to improve practice. Today, let's talk about documentation. Want to know my one wish for better medical-forensic documentation? Three words: review of systems (ROS). Seriously--hear me out on this. In order…

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Since Last We Spoke, 8-19-19

I'm home with the girlchild this week for her last few days before she starts college. She'll move in this weekend and I'm off to Hawaii for work (and as of right now, I'm on the road every week until…

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Burns in Pediatric Abuse

An FHO reader sent me a request looking for an educational session focused on burns in child abuse. I got you--the National Children's Advocacy Center has an archived webinar, Burns in Pediatric Abuse. Dr. Jonathan Thackeray is the featured speaker.…

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Collaborative Strategies and Tools to Meet the Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking

Futures Without Violence has a good SART/MDT/CCR* flavored webinar coming up for those of you looking for something for your local teams: Collaborative Strategies to Meet the Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking. The session will take place on August…

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Since Last We Spoke, 8-12-19

I'm up at Michigan State University for a good part of this week, and happily, I am spending much of it writing with my dear friend Kim Day. This should result in some innovative and creative work since Kim is…

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New Clinical Guide: Caring for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Patients in the Forensic Setting

In doing some writing this week for one of my projects I realized I had a decent collection of resources for a much-needed clinical guide: Caring for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Patients in the Forensic Setting. It's long overdue,…

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