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Articles of Note: October/November 2018 Edition

It's time once again for Articles of Note, our mostly-monthly romp through the newly published peer-reviewed literature. This edition is a whopper. Almost six pages of science for you to peruse, and it's worth going through the whole list because there's…

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New Edition of SANE Education Guidelines Now Available

Not to be confused with the new SAMFE National Training Standards published by the Department of Justice, IAFN has just released the new edition of the SANE Education Guidelines. Keep in mind, these are two completely separate and distinct documents. If…

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Just Released: National Training Standards for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiners (2nd Edition)

I am thrilled this is now available, as I was fortunate to work on this project--the 2nd edition of the National Training Standards for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiners (PDF) is now available. Published by OVW, it updates the original training standards,…

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Strive for Better Documentation

Because it's Forensic Nurses Week, we're focusing on ways to improve practice. Today, let's talk about documentation. Want to know my one wish for better medical-forensic documentation? Three words: review of systems (ROS). Seriously--hear me out on this. In order…

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Be Better: Implement a Quality Improvement Process

This Forensic Nurses Week, we're talking about ways to make our practices better. The last couple days have focused on individual performance. Today, let's talk about program performance... The expert at trial should never be the first person to review…

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How Testing Sexual Assault Kits Can Link Criminal Cases

For our final post of the week, a webinar from the SAKI TA project-- Understanding Case Connectivity: How Testing Sexual Assault Kits Can Link Criminal Cases. The webinar (which will be archived, so don't sweat the short notice) will be…

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Medical-Forensic Evaluation of Asylum Seekers: Clinical Interview & Considerations for Vulnerable Populations

IAFN's 5-part series for members only on medical-forensic evaluation of asylum seekers continues next month with the 2nd session, Clinical Interview and Considerations for Vulnerable Populations. It will be held December 11th at 1pm ET. Registration is limited to 200, so don't…

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Since Last We Spoke, 11-19-18

It'll be an abbreviated week here at FHO with the Thanksgiving holiday and all. Honestly, I spent most of the weekend trying to compensate for the days off, and it didn't hurt that the wife was off with the Army…

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How to Get a Rape Kit

Perhaps you've already listened to the Unladylike podcast featuring Trisha Sheridan's interview on the episode, How to Get a Rape Kit. If not, you should. Overall, I found it to be pretty delightful to listen to, not just because of Trisha's…

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UPDATED: Case Cleared

UPDATED: The Center for Investigative Reporting's podcast, Reveal, has a recent episode on sexual assault investigations and exceptional clearance: Case Cleared (Part 1). I present it here without comment. This is lengthy, but a worthwhile use of time. I look forward to…

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