Sexual Assault

Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking

The other day I posted on the Newsweek article about prostitution and human trafficking, and judging by the unbelievable number of hits, FHO readers have some significant interest in the topic. So I wanted to follow up with a resource on providing healthcare for victims of trafficking.

The International Organization for Migration published a handbook in 2007, Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking (PDF). Chapter 5 is Health and Trafficking, and it is full of information that spans issues around ethical considerations for caring for victims of trafficking, to disease-specific treatments issues, to attending to the children of trafficking victims. It’s an excellent resource for healthcare providers, and worth a look. It’s also available for purchase as a hard copy for $35 here.

FYI, IOM’s site is available in English and French, but this publication appears to only be available in English.