Is this site part of a project or organization?

Nope. It’s independently run by founder and editor, Jenifer Markowitz. All opinions are expressly those of the author, and do not represent the opinions of any affiliated organizations or agencies.


Why do it then?

An overwhelming desire to improve the way we care for victims of violence in the healthcare setting, coupled with an understanding of the challenges we all have in accessing continuing education. Patients get better care when clinicians are current and competent. I hope this site contributes to both of those things, making access to quality educational content convenient and cheap.


How can I find out more about how to obtain your services for teaching, consulting or expert witness testimony?

Please contact me to obtain a fee schedule and/or discuss details of the work.


Do you receive compensation for maintaining this site?

I am always happy to be the recipient of goodies I can pass along to my readers, but I don’t receive compensation just for maintaining the site. Some items on the site are available for a fee, but the bulk of the content remains free. Paid content covers the cost of hosting, for which I am grateful. 


Do you accept guest posts?

Absolutely, but all posts have to be specific to the aims of the site. And I get veto authority—because I’m a control freak.


How can I keep up with all the content on this site? There’s a lot to slog through here.

I encourage you to sign up for email updates that will dump new content into your in-box every day there are new posts (usually M-TH). Otherwise start with the scroll at the top of the Home page, or the Featured posts for some of the freshest or most popular content.


I signed up for emails, but I haven’t received any. What gives?

In order to start getting emails, you must first verify your email address via Feedburner’s link. If you don’t recall seeing that particular email request, check your Spam filter. It maybe stuck there. 


Is this a site exclusively for clinicians?

No, although they’re the the main audience, you’ll find content useful to victim advocates, law enforcement, attorneys, etc.


Do you provide medical or legal advice on the site?

Nope. Neither medical nor legal advice is provided on this website. Please consult your personal healthcare professional or an attorney if that’s what you’re looking for, although understand I cannot make referrals for either. 



Will you publicize my event?

Only if it’s virtual, or if you’re rebroadcasting your live event online, via podcast or webcast. And only if it’s of value to forensic clinicians and allied professionals.