Sexual Assault

EVAW On-line Training Institute

EVAW International has been offering great education and conferences for many years. They are currently offering an On-Line Training Institute OLTI) on their site. Although it is geared toward law enforcement professionals, several of the modules have healthcare and multidisciplinary information, as well. From Kim Lonsway, EVAW’s Director of Research:

The On-Line Training Institute (OLTI) provides the opportunity for interested professionals to expand their knowledge of cutting edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault, with particular emphasis on those crimes committed against an adult or adolescent by someone who is known to the victim (i.e., a non-stranger).  Training content is primarily focused on the techniques for successful law enforcement investigation of non-stranger sexual assault.  Yet the modules also address a broader range of content that is relevant to the criminal justice system and coordinated community response to sexual assault.  Registration is open to any professional or other person who can demonstrate a legitimate interest in the topic.  Each training module takes approximately 4-10 hours to complete, and OLTI participants receive a personalized certificate after successfully passing the end-of-course test.  The OLTI was developed partly with grant funding from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

To find out more about the content and format of the On-Line Training Institute (OLTI), a free introductory module is available.  This module addresses the issue of Effective Report Writing:  Using the Language of Non-Consensual Sex.  Other training modules can be purchased individually for $50 and completed in any order.  Alternatively, participants can purchase a track of 6 modules for $200.  There are 12 training modules currently available in the OLTI including:

· Dynamics: What Does Sexual Assault Really Look Like?

· Victim Impact: How do Sexual Assault Victims Respond?

· Sustaining a Coordinated Community Response:  Sexual Assault Response and Resource Teams (SARRT)

· Sexual Assault Response and Resource Teams (SARRT):  A Guide for Rural and Remote Communities

Please visit their website for a complete list of modules.