Dilemmas in Mandatory Reporting

The issue of mandatory reporting for nurses is an interesting one and parameters for reporting are dependent upon the state in which you practice. Medscape is offering 1 CEU for completing this online offering, Dilemmas in Mandatory Reporting for Nurses. The article examines crime reporting (such as child abuse and domestic violence), as well as reporting of colleagues for misconduct or lapses in professionalism.

The objectives include:

1.    Define at least 3 different types of mandatory reporting that may be required of nurses in their daily work settings
2.    Identify resources that nurses can use to determine professional mandatory reporting obligations
3.    Using the specific examples provided, define at least 3 exceptions to mandatory reporting which apply to nurses under state and federal guidelines

This offering is in the form of an article and post-test. It’s free, but requires registration with the site.

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