Preventing Injury and Death in Teens

The National Association of County and City Health Officials has amassed a large archive of previously offered webinars. These are available for free and require only a minimal amount of registration information. It’s Tough Being a Teen: Prevention Strategies Addressing Leading Causes of Injury and Death is a 90 minute webcast featuring presentations from national, state and local public health professionals.

These speakers will present the data and epidemiology of adolescent injury issues, describe federal and state heath agency surveillance and prevention initiatives; and highlight activities and partnerships at the state and local levels. Participants will learn about the latest data and statistics on two leading causes of injury and death among adolescents and will be presented with innovative prevention strategies. Participants will learn about one state’s youth suicide prevention initiatives and one local health department’s efforts to prevent motor vehicle crashes and promote traffic safety among teens in their community.”

Participant questions are included in the presentation. There are also links available with additional information on the presentation page.