Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime

In honor of Stalking Awareness Month, one more post on the subject. Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime is a fantastic collaboration between Lifetime Television, the National Center for Victims of Crime, and LMNO Productions. Although¬†it was originally produced for law enforcement, I think it’s incredibly useful for healthcare providers and other disciplines, as well (I use it as part of several courses I teach). Total run time is 18 minutes and it’s free to access.

I am providing a link to Mark Wynn’s resource page to access the video, rather than attach it here (for space saving reasons). Because it is an incredibly large file (170MB), you will want to download it directly to your computer or usb drive, if you have enough room on yours. When you’re done viewing the video, I recommend checking out NCVC’s Stalking Resource Center for more tools and information you can use with patients who are being stalked.