Treating the Addicted Survivor of Trauma

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is hosting a webinar January 28th at 12pm ET, entitled Treating the Addicted Survivor of Trauma. Cost of the webinar is $95 ($65 for ISSTD members); it’s scheduled to last 90 minutes.

According to the site:

…In the psychotherapy of trauma, therapists are faced with the dual tasks of both treating the trauma and managing the risk of the addictive disorder, whether it presents as substance abuse, eating disorder, sexual addiction, or compulsive self-harm. Attempts to process memories often result in autonomic dysregulation, heating up the addictive behavior, until stabilization becomes increasingly challenging. Attempts to maintain sobriety or abstinence are undermined by the loss of chemical support, increased intrusive symptoms, and dissociative fragmentation. How do we address these challenges?

In this webinar, an integrated approach to the treatment of trauma and addictive disorders rooted in a neurobiological understanding of traumatic stress will be presented, along with practical strategies and interventions for managing high-risk consequences of addiction.

UPDATE: The original link will now give you an option to purchase the archived session.