Domestic Violence and Homelessness

On February 9th, Jewish Women International’s National Alliance to End Domestic Violence is hosting a teleconference entitled, The  Impact of Our Economic Downturn on Domestic Violence and Homelessness. Featured speakers include Lynn Rosenthal from the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Mary Lauby from Jane Doe, Inc.

The published agenda includes:

•    Impact of the economic crisis on victims of DV
•    Overview of the problem/Statistics
•    Policies that advocate for survivors of DV
•    Risk of homelessness
•    Housing options for DV Survivors
•    Learn to be an advocate for social change

Conference information encourages healthcare providers of all disciplines to attend. Sadly, there are no CEs available, except for social workers.

Cost is $25 for non-members (members attend for free). It appears that the $25 fee is for the line–one line can have multiple listeners would be my guess.

The teleconference goes from 12-1pm ET. Click here to register.