DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Intimate Partner Sexual Assault

The National Judicial Education Program, part of Legal Momentum, has an online course for judges: “Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases”. Although it is clearly geared toward legal professionals, it has some great information that would be beneficial to several different disciplines. According to the website, the course provides current interdisciplinary research from law, medicine and the social sciences that is applicable to judicial decision-making and case management. The site can be treated as a course or as a resource to be consulted as needed.

The course has 13 modules, plus a section on developing issues. While I don’t think all the modules are relevant for forensic healthcare professionals, several of them are (I have been working my way through this course), particularly the early ones. Plus, I think it’s a fantastic resource to be shared at Sexual Assault Response Team or Coordinated Community Response meetings.

The course is free, but requires registration, which you can do here.