Medical Personnel and Torture

The University of California (Berkeley) has published a podcast from a talk given last week on the role of medical personnel in torture. The presentation, given by Dr. Vincent Iocopino, touches on legal, medical and human rights issues. Dr. Iocopino has written and presented extensively on this topic (and has the accolades to back up his contributions to the field).

I highly recommend this one. With all the conversation going on right now regarding torture, this podcast frames the issue beautifully. If you’re interested in more information on the subject, you can also check out Physicians for Human Rights‘ report, Broken Laws, Broken Lives, which presents the medical evidence of torture by US personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

3 replies on “Medical Personnel and Torture”

This podcast is very intense, even after hearing it twice it is still difficult to process that this actually goes on in our world…..

I’m looking for a lawyer I knew who specialized in Health Law, named Joe Iocopino. I knew him from his office in Santa Monica and he was helping me with something in 2002. I need to regain contact with him for a possible health related law suit, do you know of him? … This website came up when I searched for his last name.

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