DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Working with Victims of Stalking

Lewis and Clark Law School (NCVLI), has an archived podcast (from Jan 2007) on working with victims of stalking. Although it is geared toward advocates, it looks specifically at safety planning and threat assessments, both of which can be useful skills for forensic healthcare professionals, as well. The speaker, Sandy Bromley,  from the National Center for Victims of Crime, provides a national overview of, as well as Oregon-specific information about, the issue.

While listening to the podcast, which runs about 90 minutes, you can view the PowerPoint presentation, downloadable here. The site also has links to several other resources available online, so it’s worth following some of those (including the stalking log, which we use with our patients).

NCVC has a Stalking Handbook for Victims available on their site. And although Ms. Bromley wasn’t able to address at length,  you can go here for more resources on how technology is used to stalk.