International Forensic Investigation Course

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has a pretty incredible online course on international forensic investigation. What may be most unbelievable is that it is offered free of charge. Although it doesn’t appear that CEs are attached, don’t let that deter you–there is some seriously chewy content in this offering.

Modules were all developed by PHR staff and associated experts, and include:

•    International Medical-Legal Investigation of Death
•    Project Assessment and Planning
•    Evidence
•    Location and Recovery of Remains
•    Postmortem Examinations
•    Identification of Human Remains
•    Families
•    Reports and Forms

If death investigation on a global scale is of interest, registering for the course is worth it just for the links alone. There is also an extensive glossary and comprehensive bibliography included in the course. I’ve just started making my way through it, so I can’t give a complete report. Moreover, death investigation isn’t my area of expertise, so I don’t have a lot of perspective on the issue. What I’ve completed so far, however, has me reeled in.