Collecting DNA in High Volume Crimes: UPDATED


Sorry that this is a very last minute post (I just got the announcement for it this morning, so subscribers, you’re probably not going to even see this until it’s too late), but the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices is holding a webinar TODAY (3/17/09) from 2-3:30pm ET titled The Future of DNA: Collecting DNA in High Volume Crimes.

The webinar is free and registration is not required. It definitely appears to be more CSI than healthcare, but as we continue to participate in conversations regarding things like DNA backlogs and cost of analyzing kits, there’s probably going to be some good information included in the session. If you can’t make the webinar (or just didn’t know about it until too late) or to supplement the session, there are some recommended links you can check out here, here (PDF) and here (PDF).

UPDATE: You can click the link to the webinar to access the archived presentation.