Professional Responsibility in Preventing Violence & Abuse

I seem to be on an article kick right now, because I have more for you today. I was actually looking for something else entirely and stumbled across the AMA‘s Journal of Ethics, Virtual Mentor, instead. Having never heard of it (not being an AMA member), I was fascinated that this online ethics publication had an entire issue related to clinicians and violence prevention, and that said publication included such topics as the potential conflict between patient confidentiality and mandatory reporting, and lateral violence. Not the usual fare, although it addresses issues such as IPV, child abuse, bullying and school violence, as well. (No sexual violence according to the TOC; I haven’t finished working my way through the issue to know if it’s buried. No elder abuse, either.)

I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts. It’s a pretty intriguing mix of articles and it has an explicit public health focus. Plus it’s presented within an ethics framework, which you just don’t see that often, particularly in healthcare publications.

Please note, this was just published in February, so the content is pretty current, as is some of the (13 page) resource list included in the issue (PDF).

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As an expert consultant on abuse/neglect of people with disabilities and the elderly, I’m always interested in new resources, and at quick glance, this issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics looks like a good one – perhaps future issues will directly address issues associated with the elderly and disabled.

My work involves reviewing the quality of abuse/neglect investigations in long-term care settings. Often these investigations involve questions/concerns regarding quality of medical care provided to individuals in these environments. If anything, this journal certainly provides insight into the mindset of physicians on topics such as this.

Thanks for all your efforts with this website – it’s greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Dale. I appreciate the feedback. And thanks for including a link to your site. Looks like we do some work for the same agencies:)

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