Sexual Assault

AN FHO Extra: SANE Course Supplemental Materials

I’m heading to Illinois next week to teach a SANE course (adolescent/adult), and I was grumbling (to my dogs because they are always sympathetic) about schlepping my supplemental materials with me on a plane (do you have any idea how huge the binder is?). And I have been doing my very best to reduce the amount of paper I generate and streamline my approach in general, so printing things out or making copies sounded unappealing, as well. Then it dawned on me: I have a whole site at my disposal to warehouse these items.

So, people, that’s what I’ve done. If you have any interest in perusing some of the materials I use when I teach OR you are actually taking a course with me, there is now a dedicated page for all of my extra stuff. You will find a link on the lower right hand side of the main page labeled exactly the same as this entry, and it contains many of the materials I like to use when I teach. It’s not the be all and end all of sexual assault materials. I’m sure there are some things you really like that I don’t have on the list. Do me a favor will you? Post a link in the comments for me and include them.