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Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office has recently published a new site about alcohol facilitated sexual assault. Know the Price, which focuses solely on the issue of rape by intoxication, is filled with local & national resources, information about prevention & bystander intervention, and best of all, video clips that could be great teaching tools for both professionals and the general public (warning: video begins playing automatically). While the legal info is California-specific, most of the message appears to be pretty generalizable.

I haven’t finished watching all the clips, but I must admit, I’m happy to see the topic find the light of day online. Not a whole lot out there on AFSA meant for the lay public…

BTW, they’ve also created a site with similar content geared toward college students (worth perusing IMO, since there’s an extended cut of one of the victim’s stories and a quiz not found at Know the Price). Apologies for not printing the name of the site, but I’ve found when ever I print anything with the word “s*x” in it, the pervs come out in droves.

[Thanks, Tara]

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I Think this is a great site and I am glad someone is finally creating a site related to sexual assault through alcohol. I checked out the website and it really inspired me…I actually just started to create a site geared towards sexual assault on college campuses (I am a student at SUNY Cortland) and you should check it out! Would you mind if I placed a link to this blog on my website?? I would really like to share this website with fellow students.

Thanks for including your site info Mel and please feel free to place a link on your site to this one. Good luck with your efforts!

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