Elder Abuse/Neglect

Elder Abuse & Neglect

USC Ageworks has an online tutorial on elder abuse and neglect. It’s a free course and may provide 2.5 CMEs for physicians (sorry, no nursing CEs available), but you’d need to check to see if that’s still an option (the expiration date has passed, but not everyone adheres hard and fast to those dates, and not everyone updates their sites with newer info). Either way, it specifically addresses some forensic issues, and couldn’t be easier to access.

The tutorial is interactive and allows users to choose whether narration is desired.

Objectives include:

  1. Define elder abuse and neglect in the home and institutional setting.
  2. Identify risk factors for elder abuse or neglect in the victim, perpetrator, and situation.
  3. Recognize signs of abuse or neglect in their elderly patients.
  4. Perform a forensic interview and examination in a suspected case of abuse or neglect of an elder.
  5. Report any suspicion of elder abuse or neglect to the appropriate agency.
  6. Describe strategies to manage cases of abuse or neglect.

The course covers types of abuse, evaluation, recognition, and the healthcare response.