An FHO Extra: Medical Algorithms

It’s always when you’re looking for something else entirely that you stumble on to the most fascinating things. Take for instance, Medical Algorithms (, a humble-looking site that is a treasure trove of “Scales, Tools, Assessments, Scoring Systems, and other Algorithms”–13,500 to be exact. The site requires (free) registration to use; they want little more than email, password and profession before you’re in the door.

As a test run, I searched “violence assessment” and up popped more than 1300 entries (68 pages worth). And everything is referenced and downloadable for easy clinical use. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time there yet, but it’s a pretty cool site. Not a particularly sexy interface, but I’ll forgo that in favor of quality content any day.

According to the site, it looks like it was last updated in April, so you should have access to the most current stuff available.