Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Blog (& from SANE-SART)

It’s been a fantastic week here in Seattle. If you saw me, though, it probably wasn’t while I was sitting down–so busy out here! As with many conferences I attend, much of the highlights happened behind the scenes and after hours as I had the opportunity to network with colleagues and see good friends. That being said, there have also been some standout sessions, several of which I have mentioned previously. And today? Without question, Dr. Rebecca Campbell’s presentation of her research on the impact of SANE programs on prosecution. Although the study findings haven’t been published yet, you can find some of her evaluation resources at the sustainability site this week. Also over at the site (and forgive me for the light postings–long days we’ve been having in Seattle):

It was great seeing so many of you out here. Thanks to everyone who stopped and introduced themselves or passed along lovely comments. Back in the CLE next week. Have a great weekend!