Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Blog

Well, folks–I’m still hoping to get a few of you to come forward to be the focus of our weekly SANE coordinator Q&A at the sustainability site. I could load it with all of my friends, but what’s the fun in that? The idea is to get some new voices out there and demonstrate the breadth of practice that is working around the country (and in fact, the globe, since we have a pretty international readership here and I know some of you are doing this work in Canada, the UK and Australia). If you’re interested, you can find the questionnaire attachment here. So no Friday Q&A this week. Instead we have:

  • A couple resources for guidelines for using grant money, including grant report writing info
  • A look at Google’s Youtube channel, Google for Non-Profits–all kinds of cool tools that are both free and easy to use
  • A more in-depth peak at IAFN’s Online CE site; I know I posted on their death investigation webinar here yesterday, but if you go to the CE site, there’s an incredible array of offerings, all for pretty cheap (particularly if you are a member). And not just sexual assault either.

My guy turns 40 this weekend, so the celebrations continue here in the 216. I hope you’ll have a relatively celebratory weekend yourself. Enjoy!