Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Blog

It was a busy week at the sustainability site. I’m happy to return with a new Friday Q&A, this time from IAFN Past-President, Stacey Mitchell. You can read her fantastic responses to the questionnaire here. Also this week:

  • A resource many of you know from this site, The Ultimate Educator and tools for creating courses for adult learners
  • One of those simple, but amazing tools that can distill down the overwhelming into the doable: Performance Vistas’s Decision Selection Matrix
  • A webinar (free!) over at the Goodman Center focusing on their recent survey on using online technologies instead of in-person meetings and conferences–they’ll be discussing the good, the bad, and I’m sure, the ugly during the 1-hour event (love their stuff, BTW).

That’s it for me–I’m knocking off early to spend time with my kiddo after being gone all week. Enjoy your weekend!