My New Gig

So about that announcement of mine…

I have been teaching and consulting for prosecutors for many years now. It’s really one of the parts of my professional life I enjoy most. So I am beyond grateful to be able to announce that today is the 1st day of my new job, as medical advisor for a brand new prosecution institute: Aequitas, the Prosecutor’s Resource on Violence Against Women. Our new website is just about ready to launch (we’re only about a month old, now); for a few more days you may still get the “under construction” notice. I will continue to oversee the National SANE Sustainability Technical Assistance project, as well–essentially splitting my time between those two gigs. You can check the updated About for all the details.

I’ll post the press release as soon as it’s available, but the important thing for this readership to note is that one of the goals of Aequitas will be to enhance education between medical professionals and prosecutors. That means some joint training opportunities will be coming down the pike.

Stay tuned: more will be revealed…

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Congrats and good luck on this new venture. I wish you and Aequitas a great beginning and am looking forward to discussions on partnering opportunities.

Carey Goryl
Executive Director, IAFN

Thanks, Carey. I’m looking forward to the work we’re going to do with IAFN, as well. So much potential…

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