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I know this is a site dedicated to online education and resources, but I just want to take a minute to point out a few talks I’m giving at some of the upcoming fall conferences that might be of interest. The biggie for me is the IAFN Annual Scientific Assembly, October 21-24 in Atlanta. I’m doing 2 sessions there: Using Today’s Technologies to Deliver Clinical Education: A Guide for Technophobes will be on Friday, October 23rd. That session will examine the variety of opportunities to participate in and create clinical education and should be a great opportunity to hear from participants about what’s being done around the world. And the one I’m even more excited about, the full-day leadership workshop (technically called NSVRC Leadership, though I’m not sure why), is on October 24th.

The goal of the workshop is to provide program managers/coordinators with tools and resources to more efficiently and effectively run sustainable clinical programs. Working in small groups, the participants will tackle many of the real issues that forensic programs face today; a faculty member will serve as a facilitator at each table, providing guidance as needed. A wide variety of management issues will be addressed throughout the daylong program, including budgeting, recruitment and retention, evaluating staff and identifying strategic allies and mentors. Participants will receive a fictional case file ahead of time that will serve as the basis for the day’s activities. It’s going to be a fantastic session, but it’s limited to 45 participants, so register soon. The session is not just for sexual assault program managers, but anyone running a clinical forensic program.

The other big conference coming up this fall is the multidisciplinary National Sexual Assault Conference, September 9-11 in Alexandria, VA. I’ll be doing a sustainability session there, along with a session on prosecuting alcohol-facilitated sexual assault, with my AEquitas partner, Chris Mallios. You can register for the conference here.

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Any possibility of doing this particular training as a webinar or in another city? Say like closer to me so that I can walk!

We’ll be doing a series of webinars beginning this fall on a variety of topics of interest to medical and legal folks. They’ll be publicized here, so stay tuned!

Great website, great resources, great blog!
Thanks, Jenifer

If I can help or be a resource to you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.
Greetings from Cincinnati…

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