Clinical Guide: Strangulation and DV

Related: see the clinical guide on Alternate Light Source (II): Subclinical Bruising for additional references on strangulation and use of ALS in these cases.

Recorded Webinars:

The Lethality of Strangulation in the Adult Patient (J. Markowitz & J. Pierce-Weeks, 6/13)

The Lethality of Strangulation in Pediatric Patients (J. Markowitz & J. Pierce-Weeks, 6/13)

Frequently Cited Articles:

This is an overview (linked to PubMed) of some of the most commonly cited articles on strangulation and DV articles.

Source: Michelle Fakler


Need one solid article to share with your staff or healthcare colleagues? Check out Stapczynski JS, Strangulation Injuries, Emergency Medicine Reports 2010;31(17):193-203 (FULL-TEXT), which I find to be well-done

A more extensive look at the literature available. If the citation is hyperlinked, it goes to a free full-text article. Sorry, but I couldn’t hyperlink all 94 citations to their corresponding abstracts. Not even for you guys…

Source: Michelle Fakler


The Impact of Minnesota’s Felony Strangulation Law (2007) (PDF), WATCH Minnesota. Here’s Part II, from this past May, but all I can link to is HTML. No working PDF for this one.

Laughon, K., et al. (2009) Review and Analysis of Laws Related to Strangulation in 50 States. Evaluation Review, 33(4), 358-369. (ABSTRACT)

Turkel, A., (2008). And Then He Choked Me: Understanding, Investigating and Prosecuting Strangulation Cases. The Voice, 2(1). NDAA (PDF)

Clinical Recording Form:

If you’re looking for some ideas for charting, check out the sexual assault medical-forensic record from the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force. I was just there doing some work for the sustainability project and had the opportunity to review their record. Page 5 has a section for charting strangulation that could easily be adopted.


Here is an archived webinar I recorded for AEquitas this year. You can email me for the handouts if you want them.

Many people ask about existing presentations on the topic. So I’ve included a few of the ones available at SlideShare. As with all user-generated content, please evaluate fully before using–I do not guarantee quality, comprehensiveness or accuracy when I provide these links:

EMS: Strangulation Trauma in Domestic Violence: Robert S. Cole, CCEMT-P

Respond to Intimate Partner Violence in Your Medical Practice: Ellen Taliaferro, MD

If you have other resources or references not already listed, please add them in the comments.

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Under the Medical section for strangulation you quoted :

“Need one solid article to share with your staff or healthcare colleagues? Check out this one (PDF: FULL-TEXT), which I find to be well-done”

It actually links to an article about overdoses on diabetic medication…which one is it supposed to link to?

Also any newer articles that you are aware of regarding the medical aspects of strangulation and evaluations of these victims? I’m finding them to be 10 or more years old…

Having a hard time accessing the archived webinar on strangulation and when I click the “contact us” for the tribal site…it says page is no longer supported. Thoughts??


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