Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Trafficking in Persons

I don’t know how many of you read the Sunday NY Times, but this past weekend the Magazine ran a special series: Saving the World’s Women. There were a few articles that were particularly interesting, including The Women’s Crusade and an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, trafficking and gender-based violence were discussed repeatedly.

Speaking of Secretary Clinton, the US State Department actually has quite a bit of information on Trafficking in Persons (TIP), with a whole section of their website devoted to the topic. Among the resources noted are a few different trainings, including a Department of Defense multimedia training (try and avert your eyes away from the cheesy graphics in the 1st section). There’s also a PowerPoint presentation from DoD and a training manual from the UN and other collaborating international organizations. You’ll also find the 2009 report on TIP, and a photo gallery of some pretty compelling and heartbreaking images.

For those of you outside the US and Canada, please note the global hotline list that State maintains (it’s current as of last week).