Story Time @ FHO

I can already tell it’s going to be one of those weeks. Panicky phone calls, 300 hundred road miles, piles of paperwork and trial prep have sucked the humor out of my life (at least temporarily). Not to mention the 6am flight I have to look forward to tomorrow. I am, to be frank, a tad overwhelmed. So today, let’s forget about all things scientific and formal-like.  I give you, instead, a brand new podcast from my favorite storytelling site, The Moth. Steve Osborne’s a former NYPD detective, and he tells a great story about interacting with families on the job. Similar in some ways to our interactions with families; completely different in many respects. It’s only about 14 minutes long, but it’s NSFW (unless you have co-workers like mine), so pick your listening spot carefully.

If you work with cops, you know him. Maybe you don’t know this exact detective, but we all know ones just like him. I hope you enjoy it.