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Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Blog

Late getting to this post today–I’ve been wandering the state engaging in some pretty interesting conversations, which means a long night trying to catch up (I confess I took time out for homemade Chinese dumplings, made with great love, if not great skill by my husband). What does this have to do with the sustainability site? Not a thing–so I suppose I should get to it:

A word about next week–Tuesday I will be heading to the ATL for the IAFN Annual Assembly. While my good intentions are to keep regular posts going throughout the week, there’s an excellent chance I may miss a day or two. Posts that go up (with the exception of Monday’s) will be special posts from the conference–I hope to recap the best of what I see and hear. For those of you who will be there, please come by and say hello–you’ll find me at the NSVRC booth in the exhibit hall or at a couple of the sessions (including one I’m doing on using technology for education). Looking forward to seeing people there, chaotic as it will be.

To those heading to the Assembly, safe travels. And to all our readers–have a great (warm and dry) weekend!