Adolescent Witnesses to Family Violence

I know I said I’d be posting on IAFN, but right now, all of my time here has been spent outside of sessions (staffing the NSVRC booth and in meetings). So I promise I will try to have some reports (other than that the turnout is amazing) soon. In the meantime, please note that JWI‘s National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse is sponsoring a teleconference November 5th on adolescent witnesses to family violence.

The teleconference will be held from noon-1pm ET and is free for members ($25 for non-members).

“This seminar will discuss the impact of family violence on adolescent witnesses. Dr. David Pelcovitz will deliver a gendered approach to the risk factors of future abusive relationships, and significant behavior problems for adolescent witnesses.  He will discuss practical approaches for helping adolescent witnesses develop effective coping mechanisms that can help them deal with trauma.”

You can register here.