Assault in Nursing

Medscape’s One Question Blog posted a new question the other day: have you, as a nurse, been assaulted and/or threatened by a family member either physically or mentally? If so, please share your experiences. How did you handle the situation immediately? Lock the workplace? How did those in charge in your setting handle your situation?

They’re soliciting responses, and so far, the ones posted have been pretty interesting. You can check out what colleagues have to say, and/or add your own response here. Site registration is required to participate, but is free of charge.

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I have been assaulted multiple times as a nurse while on duty and in my personal life. Oct. 25th 1995 I was working in the ER, and our team had just resusitated a man in critical condition. The Dr. on call came in to the room stressed barking orders. Another ER nurse was putting a blanket on the pt. And the Dr. started yelling @ her. I simply leaned over the pt. and softly told the nurse I would of done the same thing. The Dr. came from behind me and hit my back with an open hand as he yelled you can just take care of the pt. and left the room. (I had 7 witnesses). That was the easiest part of the next 18 months. End results Dr. was convicted of Assault & Battery got a $50 fine from the city. The state put a black mark on his license & fined him $2,000. The federal court made him & the hospital pay my $50,000 lawyer fee’s. And I no longer work in Iowa but came home to Michigan to take care of my dying mother & grandmother. Another RN from the hospital called me 2 months after I left wanting help because a similar episode had happened to her from the same DR. After all these years it is not easy to write this the 18 months after the assault of revictimization was the hardest part. The 7 years of therapy helped me to grow stronger, but yet I have experienced 2 other assaults from coworkers since then. I continue to go to therapy and pray that someday violence for all will end. Thanks for your hard work together we will WIN.

Wow, Leann, that sounds really painful for you. Glad it hasn’t deterred you from continuing to do the work. Please consider sharing your story over at the One Question blog site–I’m sure they’d love to hear even part of your story…And thanks for sharing here.

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