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Maximizing the Potential for DNA Technology

NCVC is hosting a webinar November 18th at 1pm ET: Maximizing the Potential for DNA Technology. “The goals of this webinar are to expose participants to the “big picture” of how forensic DNA came to be the potent crime-fighting tool that it is today, and for participants to learn about today’s most extensive and innovative applications of forensic DNA in the United States and abroad. The speaker will highlight the importance of DNA databasing for identifying offenders and solving and preventing crimes and will present intriguing cases and innovative techniques using forensic DNA.”

I’m hesitant to post offerings like this as I’m far more interested in the healthcare issues my patients face (100% of them) vs. the tiny minority that are impacted by DNA (maybe 10% in my practice) And yet, I think there’s a value in understanding where this technology is going, how it’s evolving, it’s limitations, etc. Plus, you know, it’s interesting, so there’s that…