Sexual Assault

Weekly Wrap-Up & Giveaway Reminder

This week over at the sustainability site, a few things for you to peruse:

  • A great handwashing poster that made me smile, particularly timely since my house is currently germ-central
  • A look at the challenges of asking for help and some of the opinions out there on how best to do it
  • And of course, a reminder about our current giveaway here at FHO.

Speaking of which, please don’t forget to add your comment to the giveaway post to be eligible for the Sexual Assault Quick Reference, courtesy of G.W. Medical Publishing. It’s a perfect size for use in the clinical arena (did I mention it has photos?), or a fantastic gift to giveaway to a member of your team (say, the person who did the most cases in ’09 or took the most call). And please keep in mind, eligibility is not limited to US and Canadian readers, so for all of my international readers (I see you in my stats, so I know you’re out there), please include your comments, too. Deadline to enter is November 25th at 12pm ET.

Bonne chance and have a great weekend!

3 replies on “Weekly Wrap-Up & Giveaway Reminder”

Having a handheld text to use for reference is nice but to have a downloadable application would be even better. The only probalem I foresee would be the software needed to view the application- that might be costly for community based programs around the country.

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