DV/IPV Sexual Assault

The Spread of HIV Through Sexual Violence

ReachMD has a new podcast available now on the spread of HIV through sexual violence against women. It’s part of their Clinician’s Roundtable series. Access is free, but you must register to access the site. You have the choice of listening online, downloading the podcast for later review or downloading transcripts of the session. You can also listen live on XM Satellite radio–scheduled times are on the site.

From the program page:

Women around the world are more likely to be infected with HIV, in part because of their social and economic vulnerability. The stark lack of empowerment of women in many parts of the world indicates the need for men to help protect their gender counterparts from the scourge of HIV. Stephen Lewis, co-director of AIDS-Free World, a former United Nations special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and former deputy executive director of UNICEF, speaks about our need to address the role of sexual violence in furthering the spread of HIV with host Dr. Cathleen Margolin.