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Time once again for a giveaway, sponsored by GW Medical Publishing. This month we’re giving away a copy of the new Child Abuse Quick Reference, 2nd Edition.  As with our last giveaway (which more than 100 of you participated in, so thank you), eligibility will be based on answering a question in the comments section of this post. You have until noon ET on Wednesday, December 23rd to enter.

From our friends at GW Medical:

We were extremely pleased with last month’s response to the question regarding whether traditional print resources or downloadable applications for electronic media are more useful during sexual assault examinations. We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to all who participated and offered valuable opinions during the Sexual Assault Quick Reference giveaway.

If you didn’t happen to be the lucky winner of last month’s prize, fear not, for opportunity knocks once again. You could be the proud recipient of a handsome new Child Abuse Quick Reference, 2nd Edition by simply answering the following question in the comments section:

Which print format do forensic nurses, clinicians, and other professionals find more useful when referencing images during examinations or in the course of a standard workday: (1) spiral-bound 5”x8” reference guides that look like this:


or (2) 3”x8” fan-deck format? It would look like this:


By providing your feedback in the comments section, you will be both assisting G.W. Medical Publishing with valuable data and also entering yourself into a free giveaway of a Child Abuse Quick Reference, 2nd Edition, a $55.00 value.


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82 replies on “Our Next Giveaway!”

I prefer the 3”x8” fan-deck format because you are able to hold it closer to the site for comparision.

The spiral bound book. The fan format is easily lost in the shuffle…the book-style can be stored with other books rather than in an obscure place easily forgotten about or lost.

I think my preference would be the spiral bound book because of the size and you could stand it up (hands free) or it could lie flat. Thank you

I would prefer the spiral bound book. It could lay flat on the table, as opposed to the fan style that would require holding and fanning with your hands. The spiral book would be user friendly, and I think looks nicer.

Spiral bound. Usually size of text and pictures are adequate for a variety of levels of visual acuity.

I like turning pages of spiral bound books.

I would prefer the spiral bound book format. Easier storage on a book shelf and more hands free if using it during an examination.

I prefer the spiral bound as well. It is a more used format and you can quickly flip through it for comparison. I also like it because unlike a book with a traditional spine, you can flip it over and don’t have to worry about losing your page. I agree with the other comments that the fan could be lost in the shuffle.

I am a fan of the spiral bound book. The fan style would not be a great fit on the book shelf. I would also be concerned that the fan would not hold up to wear and tear with use compared to the spiral bound book.

I would prefer the spiral bound bood as other had stated. It is much easier to place on a bookshelf and seems to have a larged picture available.

I also like the spiral bound as the pages flip with ease. However, the spiral should be constructed in a way that the pages dont come out( I’ve had that happen with other books)

I prefer the spiral bound format as it is easier to handle and to lie flat while researching a subject. I am not that familiar with the fan fold? one but would be interested to see it.

I prefer the spiral bound format. It is easier toread and find the page you need in a hurry. It is also easier to share with colleagues.

I prefer the spiral bound format as it is easier to handle and to store with other reference materials.

I would prefer the spiral bound version as I feel it would be easier to locate on a book shelf. One could easily overlook a fan deck format on a shelf.

The spiral bound format would be easier to handle and easier to look through to access the information.

I would prefer the spiral bound version. It seems more user friendly. Easier to store, easier to find what you are looking for, less likely to get misplaced or tucked into a drawer somewhere.

We have other spiral bound resources and they work fine but would be interested in trying the fan-deck format – looks like it would work and we like to try new items!!

I prefer the spiral bound style; it lays flat making it easier to work with. And it’s easy to locate in a bookcase or on a messy desk.

I prefer spiral bound books that can be laid out on a table and seen from a distance. The fan type generally has to have print so small and for me, I cannot see pictures well from a distance that would be that small.

I prefer the spiral bound format–user friendly, easy access, easier to flip through than the fan type.

I polled the nurses working with me and all 11 of us preferred the spiral bound book format for ease of access and use.

I think I would prefer the spiral bound for all the same reasons as well as its portability in a lab coat pocket.

I feel that the spiral bound book would be able to display larger pictures and illustrations than the 3″x8″ fan deck format.

Spiral bound version would be better for me. Lays flat, easier/quicker to turn pages rather than shuffling trhough fan deck, can use one hand

I’m most familiar with spiral notebooks and so would most likely go with the majority above. However…………I would CERTAINLY try out the fan type if you chose to send me one and trial it….eh? (:

I, and my fellow nurses prefer the spiral bound reference. However, I would certainly not turn down the fan version if offered!

I like the spiral bound. The tabs are useful but would like to see it colorcoded. I use postit notes to tag all of the sections I use most.

I like the spiral bound. I believe it will have better durability. I would like to see it stay in a size that will fit into a lab coat.

I like the spiral bound notebook- it looks sturdier than the fan and would fit in the bookshelf more uniformly. Color coded tabs would be very user friendly.

Sprial for me, would be too worried that with the fan that the pages may have more opportunity to become, damaged, bent, etc…

I find the Spiral-bound reference guides to be more useful when referencing images during examinations or in the course of a standard workday, as they seem to stand the wear and tear much better than the fan-deck format.

I agree that the spiral-bound reference guides would be my choice. As others have mentioned, you can turn the pages over so that loosing your place or having to hold the book open while looking is not an issue. I also feel that it would stand the test of time better.

I think the spiral bound books are easier to use. you can lie them flat, or hold it up against the injury to compare. With the fan type if the pages tear from use you have the chance of losing a page where with the spiral if a tear happens at one spot the page is still connected at other areas.

I prefer the spiral bound 5×8. It is a better size, fits better with other books and lays flat, generally it is more user friendly.

Although I prefer the spiral bound book, I’d love to see the fan option offered as an adjunct to it! The smaller hand-held fan would be nice in a travel setting/mobile SANE (lighter, more compact).

I prefer the spiral bound format. It’s easier to place it flat on the desk, and it’s more comfortable to hold.

I really like the spiral bound book as well. I find it is much easier for referencing and having quick fingertip access to information. The fan cards are nice but seem to be a little large to carry in a pocket, maybe if they were a little smaller they would be great pocket references.

I don’t always like to agree with the masses…. but I agree with the masses. Spiral bound is my preference as well. I would expect that text, photo and diagram size would be easier to visualize in the larger book format. More content is another reason. for a fan card format to include what I would expect in a book form, it would be like putting the Sherwin-Williams color fan in my pocket, which doesn’t work for me. have a great day everyone!

Spiral bound. Easy access, can’t lose parts, it stays in the same order so that you can find it again later, and invariably, by looking through information for a specific answer, other topics can be reviewed as needed!

Spiral bound! Ease of use, lays flat either open to one page or both pages, can be stored on a bookshelf, stands up to constant use for a much longer time.

I would find the spiral bound more useful. Laying flat is a need we have. It is easier for us to store in our cart and would be accessible for all SANEs. The spiral bound is easoer to mark for ownership so that it is not so easily permanently borrowed. I will add though that the fan fold is easier to manuever for close up comparison.

The spiral bound style is preferred- but it does depend on the quality of the photographs and the detail shown in either format. There might be considerably more content in the spiral version as well.

I prefer the spiral bound type as easier to mark key points with a sticky and highlight what I want to keep in my brain 🙂

I had never seen the fan before I kinda like it because you could slip it in your pocket and carry it around with you. I also think you might be able to hold it closeer to the pt and compare injuries. You would have to make sure you could get all of the content in the smaller format. My kids have several fan type learning games and love them and they have held up great!! I would like to see the fan type offered.

I use the fan type reference for wildflower identification and really like it. We already have reference books and they are inconvenient to use during the exam. The fan type book could be set up close to the exam table.

I use the spiral as most of the current quick reference is in that format but using the spread for size and or color is easiler. I would love to have a spiral which at the back had photo,size, color and or circular documentation available.If they used a platic clip you could undo the book portion and fan for close comparision.

I would also go with the spiral notebook format. I am just used to using this type of format for resources and information in the ED.

I prefer the spiral bound.

I find spiral bound references hold up better and are quick and easy to flip through especially for people like myself who carry reference texts with them. Reference texts, quick guides etc… have to withstand a lot of use.

I prefer the spiral bound. I’ve found they are usually easier to reference and lay open if needed.

Not a huge difference in my opinion but I would lean towards the spiral bound as would likely hold up to regular wear and tear better.

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