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Free Online Forensic Nursing CEUs

I had an email yesterday about finding CEUs for forensic nurses, which made me think that it’s probably a good time to remind people about the free CEUs available online from IAFN. If you haven’t yet checked them, I encourage you to do so, because, did I mention they’re free (unless you’re not a member, then they’re $10 each)? And they’re specific to forensic nursing, which is tough to find. As you know, a lot of the CEs out there are either too simple or too tangential to our work, so offerings like these are invaluable.

The following courses are available. Keep in mind, these are best viewed in Internet Explorer. If you’re using Firefox (or Chrome, which I’ve just started running), the pages will be all jacked up. Still doable, but definitely not pretty.

  1. Anonymous Evidence Collection in Sexual Assault Patients
  2. Assessment and Documentation of Strangulation Injuries
  3. Recognition and Treatment of Pediatric STDs Post Sexual Assault
  4. Focus Group on Use of nPEP in SANE Programs
  5. Patterns of Injury in Non-Accidental Childhood Fatalities

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