Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Site

Lots of focus on training this week over at the sustainability site this week:

*A sampling of some of the excellent training events and conferences coming up in the next two months. March and April are always packed, and this year’s no exception. If you have money to spend on live events, there’s plenty to choose from. I hope to see some of you at several of them.

*Even if you can’t afford to travel right now, there’s an interesting web forum being sponsored by OVC on strategic planning for victim service providers. Definitely worth checking out, and free.

I’m heading out to DC this weekend for a week of training with the Army (and some of my very favorite people). And then, if you can believe it–I’m taking a vacation. A short one, but a vacation nonetheless, with the Girls’ Vacation Club. We’re heading to Key West and it’s entirely possible I won’t even have my computer with me. If there’s no post next Friday you will know that I have completely committed to the whole relaxation thing…

Have a great weekend!