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Pressure Ulcers

My long-time readers know that I am crazy about photographs. Anytime I can add a resource that includes good quality ones is a happy day. So I was very pleased to come across this excellent slide presentation on classifying pressure ulcers over at Medscape. If your work includes caring for neglect patients, then this is a terrific educational tool.

As with all Medscape offerings, it’s free to access but you must first register with the site. And for my non-clinician readers, be forewarned: these are some straight-up gnarly photos, so if open wounds make you queasy, you might want to just walk on by. However, for those of you who are looking for some tips on how to more accurately document these types of wounds, I’m very pleased with the content. Just do me a favor and don’t take any tips on how to measure wounds from this slideshow. Because their randomly placed and curved measuring devices make accuracy somewhat questionable.

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