Whistleblowing Nurses

Many of you have probably followed the case of the 2 Texas nurses who reported an emergency department physician’s negligent practice to the state medical board and were ultimately prosecuted for doing so. Now Medscape has a follow-up article on the story with some excellent points for us to consider about our professional and ethical obligations to speak up in the face of substandard care delivery. It also provides some updates on the status of the case.

You can also see some of the national press coverage and get the backstory if you hadn’t heard about the case here, here, and here.

Listen to NPR’s coverage of the trial here.

One reply on “Whistleblowing Nurses”

I applaud you. We all have standards in which to follow, that means all of us,not just nurses. How can you be an advocate for patients if you do not do what you did. I hope you sue the hospital for +++$.

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