Addressing Language Access

ReachMD has a fascinating offering over at their site on addressing language access. It’s actually a practice assessment for healthcare professionals, and the objectives include:

  1. Identify three reasons why we should work to bridge language barriers when communicating with our patients
  2. List five ways to improve our ability to communicate with limited English speaking patients including how to work with trained or untrained interpreters, and
  3. Identify available resources to make our practices more friendly for limited English speaking patients

This is a great resource for considering how to make accessible forensic healthcare available for all patients; particularly when you consider how critical patient statements are in our line of work, and the sensitive nature of what we ask translators to interpret. I haven’t included anything for awhile on the subject, but this could be a good one.

ReachMD is free, but requires site registration to access. No CEUs for nurses, but there are CMEs for our physician colleagues.