Sexual Assault

Monitoring Progress & Evaluating Success for SARTs

MNCASA‘s Sexual Violence Justice Institute is hosting the last of a 4-part series on the SART Protocol Development Cycle, Monday April 26th at 12pm CT: Monitoring Progress and Evaluating Success for SARTs and Other Multidisciplinary Teams Responding to Sexual Violence. Participation is free, but preregistration is required.

This presentation will provide a brief introduction to the evaluation process and some key considerations for developing your evaluation plan.

It will also examine:

  1. Strategies for honing in on your key questions
  2. Data collection tools and methods
  3. Some examples of effective evaluation efforts
  4. Considerations for hearing from survivors and responders
  5. Strategies for engaging your team in the evaluation process

You can view prior webinars by contacting MNCASA: