Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and here at FHO, we’re pretty interested in what you’re doing in your own communities to commemorate the month, or the specific Day of Action, April 20th. Leave a response here to this two-part request (both parts must be answered to be eligible) and one random reader will receive a $50 gift card:

1.) How did you commemorate the Day of Action (or any day during SAAM); AND

2.) Please tell us about one inspiring aspect of the day or of the event you attended

You have until May 4th at noon, ET to leave your comments. Can’t wait to read your responses!

3 replies on “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

I am attending a couple presentations that are sponsored by our local Children’s Advocacy Center the Childhelp River Bridge CHildren’s Center – Until SOmeone Wakes Up is a skit provided by a bunch of College kids about Gender Roles, Sexual Violence and Healing; as well as a speaker (John Warnick) who is presenting at one of our local highschools. He will be talking about the effects of his own victimization on his life.

I attended our local Board of Supervisors meeting and accepted the Proclamation against Sexual Assault. This Proclamation sends a message to our community about sexual assault awareness and no tolerance for it. What a great message to our community!

I’m trying to establish a “jean friday” at my hospital. I want to raise awareness by educating staff and raising funds for our sexual assault program. All those who will participate will be wearing our program ribbon, to show their support. I’m hoping to have an information session aswell on the lunch break. Wish me luck!

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