Intimate Partner Homicides

JWI‘s National Alliance to End Domestic Violence is hosting a webinar on intimate partner homicides and familicides, Wednesday, April 21st at 12pm ET. It’s $25 to attend (free, though if you’re a member). Featured speakers are Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell and Dr. David Adams.

From the site:

The stresses of an economic downturn often lead to increases in domestic violence. Since 2008, there has been an increase in familicides, or situations where a husband murders his entire family and then commits suicide. While there is much speculation about the motives and reasons for these acts, our experts will discuss the risk factors for its occurrence and prevention strategies that could mitigate risks.

What you will learn:

  1. Overview of homicides, murder-suicides and familicides
  2. Distinguishing features of all three
  3. Risk factors and contributing factors
  4. Prevention strategies

Presented by Dr. Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Anna D. Wolf Chair & Professor, The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Dr. David Adams, author of Why Do They Kill?  Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners, is co-founder as well as Co-Director of Emerge, the first counseling program in the nation for men who abuse women.