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Law, Order and Sensitivity

I love when my worlds coincide. When unexpectedly you find colleagues from disparate parts of your life sharing the same space. Such was the case Friday, when my local NPR station hosted a show on law enforcement sensitivity. Imagine my pleasant surprise to hear both Bertina King, a detective with the Akron Police Department (the jurisdiction where my clinical practice is housed), and Kim Lonsway, Director of Research at EVAW talking with Regina Brett on her show, The Sound of Ideas.

Here in Cleveland, where the Anthony Sowell rapes and murders have left some bitter feelings toward area law enforcement, this idea of sensitivity is fairly acute. I hope if you get a chance you’ll listen to the program, which definitely made some interesting points. From the website:

“In the wake of several headline-grabbing cases where police officers have been less than completely attentive to victims, there’s a push to teach more sensitivity to the rank and file. Those who train officers say it comes down to basic human consideration, but public safety can be a desensitizing profession, to say the least. Friday morning at 9, join host Regina Brett for a conversation about sensitivity, police work, and why the two don’t always go hand in hand when it comes to sex crime investigations.”

You can listen to the full show here.

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